Changing crops, changing diets: Consumers’ purchase intention of Sicilian tropical fruits

The rising global consumption patterns and the impact of climate change have contributed to the growing production and consumption of tropical fruits. In response, agricultural practices in Mediterranean regions have adapted to cultivate tropical fruits locally, leading to a burgeoning culinary and gastronomic interest in these fruits. Based on a study of Sicilian consumers (N = 511), this paper aims to analyze the purchase intention and consumption frequencies and usage patterns of Sicilian tropical fruits in order to meet new consumers’ needs in post-modern societies. This work contributes to the understanding of consumer demand as it is so important for local producers to develop more accurate strategies to support possible expansion of tropical fruits both in Sicilian gastronomy and for cultivation where agronomic conditions are favorable. Results reveal that consumers are willing to pay more for products which have a quality certification and a local origin. While tropical fruits production and consumption is increasing in Mediterranean regions, they also contribute to the identification of the territory ​
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