Effects of a practical teacher-training program on STEAM activity planning

We sought to analyse the effects of a practical teacher-training program on teachers' abilities in planning STEAM activities. For that, a case study is presented in a mixed-method research approach. 14 Brazilian teachers took part in a course wherein they received mentoring, instruments, and feedback to develop STEAM plans. In this research, data were collected from two surveys, from previously validated open-ended questions, and from the STEAM plans as final products. Quantitative data was analysed through nonparametric statistical tests, and qualitative data underwent content analysis according to the Ground Theory commandments. As a result, teachers reported a positive view of the STEAM impact and a high predisposition towards it. Although they considered merging STEAM areas challenging, especially Engineering and Technology, the training helped them surpass it. All plans had at least two areas, and half of them had all five STEAM areas. Around 70% of the teachers used an active learning teaching method which was new to them. There was a significant augment in teachers' self-efficacy in planning STEAM activities ​
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