Operational Cost Reduction in WDM Networks using Lighttours

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Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks have been adopted as a near-future solution for the broadband Internet. In previous work we proposed a new architecture, named enhanced grooming (G+), that extends the capabilities of traditional optical routes (lightpaths). In this paper, we compare the operational expenditures incurred by routing a set of demands using lightpaths with that of lighttours. The comparison is done by solving an integer linear programming (ILP) problem based on a path formulation. Results show that, under the assumption of single-hop routing, almost 15% of the operational cost can be reduced with our architecture. In multi-hop routing the operation cost is reduced in 7.1% and at the same time the ratio of operational cost to number of optical-electro-optical conversions is reduced for our architecture. This means that ISPs could provide the same satisfaction in terms of delay to the end-user with a lower investment in the network architecture ​
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