Mesa de debate: a contribución dos recursos educativos abertos ao logro dos ODS da Axenda 2030

In recent years we have carried out studies from different perspectives, to find out what the situation of these resources is, the educational ones, open or not, in Spanish universities. Open Educational Resources (OER) have become a key element for quality education within the 2030 Agenda, promoting policies and incentives for authors. Although there is a growing interest in OER, there is no general awareness of what they are and what it means to create them. That is why the interdisciplinary cooperation of the professionals involved is essential: institution, teaching staff, teaching support units, libraries and without forgetting the students! to create OER that can be found, shared and reused effectively. We collect the conclusions of two works that analyze the situation of educational resources in Spanish universities. But there are other documents that can also help to understand the situation ​
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