Enriqueta Tarrés (1934): una voz de gracia en la lírica catalana del siglo XX

The soprano singer Enriqueta Tarrés (1934) is one outstanding first line voice from the Catalonian lyrical scene of the 20th Century. She was educated and trained in the Conservatori Superior de Música de Barcelona by fantastic Catalonian teachers. From the moment of her debut as Marguerite with Gounod’s Faust at the Gran Teatre del Liceu on, she built up a successful career that took her to Switzerland and Germany. In these countries she became a permanent soprano in the theatres of Basel, Wuppertal, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Later, other international performances and festivals added up in different European and American theatres. Moreover, she was also enrolled on tours around the world where she sang the leading roles. She was able to share stage with the best lyrical singers of the time. Furthermore, she played an important educational role passing on to her students her wide lyrical legacy. The present study has been carried out from a biographic and historical point of view aiming to give Enriqueta Tarrés her place among the most prestigious international soprano voices of the 20th Century ​
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