Impacto del viaje de Freire a Valencia

Roca Campos, Esther
Gómez Bretones, Susana
Carbonell Sevilla, Sara
Canal Barbany, Josep María
In the publications of Freire's trip, errors are detected that makes invisible both its impact and those who made it possible. An analysis of the documentation, 6 interviews with people who made the trip possible, 6 with professionals and 2 with family members in Valencia who are transforming their schools and 2 dialogical observations have been carried out. The results make it clear: 1) Those who proposed this trip both to Freire and to the Regional Ministry are Flecha and Jesús Gomez 'Pato'. 2) The reason is the approval by the Valencian Parliament of the Law on Adult Education, whose 'Report and draft for its preliminary project' had been entrusted to Flecha, who was hired to elaborate it. 3) Some publications ignore both facts, distorting the meaning of this journey and Freire's work. 4) The impact has been more profound in their infant, primary and secondary education and more transient in their adult education. 5) The values shared by Valencian education means that more and more people are demanding that we overcome these distortions and give deserved recognition to those who allowed us to have Paulo here ​
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