Autoeficacia, autoconcepto y bienestar subjetivo en una población de adolescentes de Santiago de Chile: diferencias entre estudiantes nativos y estudiantes migrantes

The general objective of this thesis is to study the levels of subjective well-being, global satisfaction with life, self-concept and self-efficacy in a group of native and migrant adolescents from Santiago de Chile and, is carried out through the following specific objectives: 1 ) Compare subjective well-being and life satisfaction among native students and migrant students in the variables sex and age. 2) Establish if there are differences in how self-efficacy and self-concept are related to the subjective well-being of native and migrant adolescents. 3) Compare and relate global satisfaction with life, perceived quality of life and perceived family self-concept in native and migrant students.In order to fulfill the objectives of the thesis, three studies were carried out with a sample of 406 students from 7th and 8th grade of the Chilean educational system, belonging to four public schools in the commune of Santiago, in the Metropolitan Region of Chile ​
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