Consideración crítica de las adicciones digitales

This work proposes a critical analysis of technological addictions and focuses especially on social networks, smartphones and video games. The use of social networks sites does not respond to the pattern described for addiction since it does not meet the criteria established for it. It can be problematic and have negative consequences, but these are mild and do not rise to the level of addictions. It is more fruitful to study the context of the user's psychological profile, motivations and gratifications and their socio-cultural context to understand how a problematic use occurs. The lack of longitudinal studies and clinical samples invite caution to avoid pathologizing novel behaviors. In the case of the smartphones, we do not consider it to be an addiction since the mobile phone is a platform where you can find content that can become problematic, but the smartphone itself is not the problem. Regarding video games, it should be mentioned that both the DSM-5 and the ICD-11 have considered it the internet gaming disorder that is characterized by a persistent and recurrent pattern of gaming behavior that entails a clinically significant deterioration or discomfort; further research is necessary to describe its clinical characteristics and improve treatment proposals ​
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