La inclusió

Touhami, Slimane
This short article presents the concept of inclusion and explains its success in certain contexts, which consider it a breakthrough with respect to previously used concepts (such as integration) because it emphasizes the adaptations that must be made to transform the institutions, the companies, the services and the society as a whole to facilitate the participation in terms of equality of all whatever their “singularities”. The article serves as an introduction to the following article which, with regard to the concept of “recognition”, also states that they are addressed to the actions to be taken by the people and institutions of the majority (instead of pointing out what excluded people or groups considered “different” are expected to do). Finally, the article points out 3 requirements that must be met for the social and values project that represents “inclusion” to be successfully developed: the establishment of a legal framework that promotes it; the revision and overcoming of the negative representations that despise certain groups and their productions (this point, which, again, has a lot to do with the concept of recognition); And the consolidation of work dynamics that promotes a less hierarchical and more participatory relationship with the people to be included ​
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