EiBeLec: propuesta de sistema adaptativo para el ecosistema lácteo

This paper proposes an adaptive system for the dairy ecosystem of the Boyacá Department in Colombia. The ecosystem requires context information manipulation (e.g. device, user role, location, information visualization). Adaptation is needed in order to provide a tailored experience to each user according to her/ his characteristics and those of her/his context. To face these challenges, we focus on the variability of the system and propose a service-based software architecture that supports multiple configurations. To illustrate the proposal, two services are presented, one for each of the two main actors: the rancher and the government. For the rancher, we present the Generate route service that indicates, among several options, where to sell the milk to obtain a better price. For the government, the Consult contagion service, which presents information about the spread of a disease ​
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