Más allá del PowerPoint: promoviendo el aprendizaje activo en la formación de maestros no presencial

The academic crisis caused by the effects of COVID-19 has weakened one of the main purposes of the European Higher Education Area, based on promoting a change in teaching methodologies. From this perspective, the aim of this article is to offer some recommendations to teacher educators in the face of the threat of designing blended or non-classroom training, where the easy way is to substitute active learning for direct instruction. For this, three essential aspects for the planning and management of learning activities that promote the development of teaching professional identity in non-classroom teaching are discussed: teaching agency, proleptic activities such as cognitively and socially significant activities and mediation by the expert in the course of these activities. These three aspects are presented from both a theoretical and practical perspective, based on theoretical reflections as well as concrete examples that are analysed and conceptually substantiated ​
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