Diseño de la guía GAS-VI para la evaluación del apoyo a la vida independiente de personas con discapacidad intelectual = Design of the guide GAS-VI for the assessment of the support to independent living of people with intellectual disabilities

Transforming the supports received by people with intellectual disabilities towards personalized options in which the person receives support in their own home makes essential the evaluation of these supports to improve them. The article presents the GAS-VI guide, an instrument for evaluating personalized supports in the field of independent living offered to people with intellectual disabilities. It is organised around four dimensions: individual, interpersonal, organizational and community, and collects the assessments of the professionals providing support and people who receive it. The article presents the theoretical foundation of the GAS-VI guide, the design and validation process and a description of the content and material. The guide is an instrument to help professionals raise improvements in support aimed at fulfilling the rights of people with intellectual disabilities ​
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