A fairness load balancing algorithm in HWN using a multihoming strategy

Due to the growth of the number of intelligent devices and the broadband requirements, between others technical requirements, of the new applications, suppose a new challenge in planning, maintenance and resource allocation in mobile networks for the telecommunication operators. Service providers must ensure a quality of service for users in a new environment based in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (HWN). A good way to achieve this goal is to prevent the quantity of services of each mobile users being connected to the same access networks and therefore reducing the possibility of overloading it. This paper presents a load balancing optimization scheme that enables operators to make decisions about re-allocation of each of the services in different access networks, keeping the required Quality of Service (QoS). In this paper, we propose 1) a mathematical model addressed as a fairness resource allocation in order to obtain a global load balancing, and 2) a two-step algorithm based on the anchor-adjustment heuristic to solve it. Our algorithm contribute to unload the network with maximum load while at the same time, the other networks are balanced. As a result, we show that our algorithm finds (near)-optimal solutions while keeps low complexity ​
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