Radon and material radiopurity assessment for the NEXT double beta decay experiment

Cebrián, Susana
Pérez, Javier Martin
Bandac, I.
Labarga, Luis A.
Álvarez Puerta, Vicente
Barrado, A. I.
Bettini, Alessandro
Borges, Filipa I.G.M.
Camargo, Manuel A.
Cárcel García, Sara
Cervera Villanueva, Anselmo
Conde, Carlos A.N.
Conde, E.
Dafni, Theopisti
Díaz Medina, José
Esteve, Raúl
Fernández, M.
Ferrario, Paola
Freitas, Elisabete D.C.
Fernandes, L.M.P.
Gehman, Victor M.
Goldschmidt, Azriel
Gómez Cadenas, Juan José
González-Díaz, Diego
Gutiérrez, Rafael María
Hauptman, John M.
Morata, J. A.Hernando
Herrera, D.C.
Irastorza, Igor Garcia
Laing, Andrew
Liubarsky, Igor
López-March, N.
Lorca Galindo, David
Losada, Marta
Luzón, Gloria
Marí, A.
Martín-Albo Simón, Justo
Martínez Pérez, Alberto
Martínez Lema, Gonzalo
Miller, Tom P.
Monrabal Capilla, Francesc
Monserrate, M.
Monteiro, Cristina M.B.
Mora, Francisco José
Moutinho, L.M.
Muñoz Vidal, J.
Nebot Guinot, Miquel
Nygren, David R.
Oliveira, Carlos A.B.
Ortiz de Solórzano, A.
Pérez Aparicio, J.L.
Querol, M.
Renner, Joshua
Santos, Filomena P.
dos Santos, Joaquim M.F.
Serra Díaz-Cano, Luis
Shuman, Derek B.
Simón Estévez, Ander
Sofka, C.
Sorel, Michel
Toledo, J. F.
Torrent Collell, Jordi
Tsamalaidze, Zviadi
Veloso, João F.C.A.
Villar, José Ángel
Webb, R.C.
White, James T.
Yahlali Haddou, Nadia
The ”Neutrino Experiment with a Xenon TPC” (NEXT), intended to investigate the neutrinoless double beta decay using a high-pressure xenon gas TPC filled with Xe enriched in 136Xe at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory in Spain, requires ultra-low background conditions demanding an exhaustive control of material radiopurity and environmental radon levels. An extensive material screening process is underway for several years based mainly on gamma-ray spectroscopy using ultra-low backgroundgermanium detectors in Canfranc but also on mass spectrometry techniques like GDMS and ICPMS. Components from shielding, pressure vessel, electroluminescence and high voltage elements and energy and tracking readout planes have been analyzed, helping in the final design of the experiment and in the construction of the background model. The latest measurements carried out will be presented and the implication on NEXT of their results will be discussed. The commissioning of the NEW detector, as a first step towards NEXT, has started in Canfranc; in-situ measurements of airborne radon levels were taken there to optimize the system for radon mitigation and will be shown too ​
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