Cent vint-i-cinc anys de les colònies per a infants a Catalunya: la diversificació d’una vivència extraordinària = Ciento veinticinco años de las colonias para niños y niñas en Cataluña: la diversificación de una vivencia extraordinaria

The text that follows is an overview of one of the initiatives that has characterized and identified in a special way what we understand today as freetime education: organized residential breaks or summer camps for children. In Catalonia, many thousands of children have lived and learned in these types of outdoor school, from the end of the nineteenth century right up to the present day, a journey that has recently marked its one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary. The following article offers a brief commentary on ten milestones or key moments in this story, with the aim of helping us form an idea of how it has evolved over the past century and a quarter, and concludes with a consideration of the achievements and contributions made by these residential breaks, while also noting some of the challenges that will have to be faced if they are to remain true to their educational purpose ​
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