Ampliando los conocimientos matemáticos en Educación Infantil: la incorporación de la probabilidad

Over recent years, the teaching of probability has been incorporated into the mathematics curriculum from the age of 3. Within this context, a proposal is presented for working on probability in Preschool Education through a competency-based mathematics activity. he most characteristic feature of this activity is that probability is approached for the irst time through the mathematical processes of problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, connections and representation. Namely, this article describes and analyses the 'Probability with peanuts' experience carried out with 22 ive-year-old children at a state school in the province of A Coruña (Spain). he degree of competency-based richness of the experience is analysed on the basis of 10 competency indicators on the approach to and management of competency-based mathematics activities ​
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