Escuelas, familias y resultados académicos: un nuevo modelo de análisis de las relaciones entre docentes y progenitores para el éxito de todo el alumnado

Collet i Sabé, Jordi
Besalú, Xavier
orcId Feu, Jordi
Feu, Jordi
Tort i Bardolet, Antoni
The article analyzes the relationship between teachers and families in terms of four elements: a) the metaphor of school as country; b) a critical analysis of the current models of school-parent relationships; c) the importance of inequalities and the struggle against school failure in this aspect of education; and d) the growing, internationally verified relevance of the relationship between school, family and students’ academic results. The suggested perspective, restores the relationship between teachers and families at the heart of the teacher’s daily routines and educational identity. This is achieved through a proposal based on the inclusion of all families, the importance of strong bonds among them in the struggle against social inequalities and in favor of success at school for all students, and teachers’ responsibilities and skills as well as the joint educational responsibility model of relationships with all families ​
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