Vigilar y castigar en la escuela hoy: repensar el conflicto, el control y la disciplina desde la democracia agonista

Collet i Sabé, Jordi
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 Taking advantage of the foucauldian classical analysis about disciplinary institutions like school, the paper aims to understand the school’s mutation from explicit disciplinary regimes to control, management and “at distance” regimes. Nowadays, in Catalan and Spanish primary and secondary schools there is a great invisibility of the discipline and punish dimension, as if these dimensions disappeared from the education. Thus, we present a perspective in which this invisibility and subtleness are precisely its main characteristics because today discipline, control and punish are no more political actions that are done to correct the norm deviations looking for a clear and explicit school normality. Today they have changed into protocols and formal procedures that are managed from a neutral perspective in relation with a “mistake” that someone has done and has to be mended. The paper ends with a proposal to rethink and reshape discipline and punish in schools from an agonistic democracy perspective, that is, repolitising the conflict as an opportunity to democratize schools ​
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