Accurate γ and MeV-electron track reconstruction with an ultra-low diffusion Xenon/TMA TPC at 10 atm

González-Díaz, Diego
Álvarez Puerta, Vicente
Borges, Filipa I.G.M.
Camargo, Manuel A.
Cárcel García, Sara
Cebrián, Susana
Cervera Villanueva, Anselmo
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Dafni, Theopisti
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Fernandes, L.M.P.
Ferrario, Paola
Ferreira, Antonio Luis
Freitas, Elisabete D.C.
Gehman, Victor M.
Goldschmidt, Azriel
Gómez Cadenas, Juan José
Gutiérrez, Rafael María
Hauptman, John M.
Hernando Morata, J.A.
Herrera, D.C.
Irastorza, Igor Garcia
Labarga, Luis A.
Laing, Andrew
Liubarsky, Igor
López-March, N.
Lorca Galindo, David
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Luzón, Gloria
Marí, A.
Martín-Albo Simón, Justo
Martínez Lema, Gonzalo
Martínez Pérez, Alberto
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Monrabal Capilla, Francesc
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Mora, Francisco José
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Pérez, Javier Martin
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dos Santos, Joaquim M.F.
Serra Díaz-Cano, Luis
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Simón Estévez, Ander
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Toledo, J.F.
Torrent Collell, Jordi
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Yahlali Haddou, Nadia
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García, J.A.
Giomataris, I.
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Iguaz, F.J.
Labarga, Luis A.
Le Coguie, A.
Mols, J.P.
Şahin, null
Rodríguez, Ángel Y.
Ruiz-Choliz, E.
Seguí, Laura
Tomás, A.
Veenhof, R.
We report the performance of a 10 atm Xenon/trimethylamine time projection chamber (TPC) for the detection of X-rays (30 keV) and γ-rays (0.511-1.275 MeV) in conjunction with the accurate tracking of the associated electrons. When operated at such a high pressure and in ∼1%-admixtures, trimethylamine (TMA) endows Xenon with an extremely low electron diffusion (1.3±0.13mm-σ (longitudinal), 0.95±0.20mm-σ (transverse) along 1 m drift) besides forming a convenient 'Penning-Fluorescent' mixture. The TPC, that houses 1.1 kg of gas in its fiducial volume, operated continuously for 100 live-days in charge amplification mode. The readout was performed through the recently introduced microbulk Micromegas technology and the AFTER chip, providing a 3D voxelization of 8mm×8mm×1.2mm for approximately 10 cm/MeV-long electron tracks. Resolution in energy (ε) at full width half maximum (R) inside the fiducial volume ranged from R=14.6% (30 keV) to R=4.6%(1.275MeV). This work was developed as part of the R&D program of the NEXT collaboration for future detector upgrades in the search of the neutrino-less double beta decay (ββ0ν) in 136Xe, specifically those based on novel gas mixtures. Therefore we ultimately focus on the calorimetric and topological properties of the reconstructed MeV-electron tracks. In particular, the obtained energy resolution has been decomposed in its various contributions and improvements towards achieving the R=1.4%√1MeV/ε levels obtained in small sensors are discussed ​
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