Inside a 3D simulation: Realism, dramatism and challenge in the development of students' teacher digital competence

The universalisation of immersive technologies and digital 3D environments has enabled simulated experiences to be created in various contexts, one of which is education. These environments have immense potential for, for example, generating immersive situations in which students can experience real learning. Although realism, dramatism and challenge have been little explored in the field of education, they are increasingly viewed as interesting conditions to be satisfied when simulations aimed at ensuring meaningful learning in the virtual world are designed. This article reflects on these three qualities in a simulation experience for initial teacher training conducted under the Simul@b project, the main objective of which was to design, implement and evaluate a 3D simulations laboratory for developing teacher digital competence among primary and secondary schoolteachers. The results of this experience show that simulation in 3D environments is a productive strategy with enormous potential. Moreover, these environments enable the creation of realistic scenarios that allow teaching competences to be developed and whose simulation has a positive impact on learning ​
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