El meu fill té autisme, i ara què? Anàlisi de les necessitats de les famílies amb nens amb autisme durant el procés d’avaluació diagnòstica a Catalunya. Disseny d’un programa d’acollida i suport per a famílies

Montero Camacho, Mario Raul
A number of studies show that the prevalence of ASD is rising in alarming numbers, currently reaching 1 in every 68 people. The most effective approach 2/2 to improve the lives of these children is to support, train and empower their families from the very first moment that they find out their child’s condition. The researcher has gathered and compared the few models of postdiagnosis for families with young children with autism. The author has created a post-diagnosis support programme merging the analysis of the programmes already in place in other countries with the specific needs of families in Catalonia that aims tackling the challenge of autism more efficiently ​
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