¿Qué andamios se ofrecen para enseñar matemáticas en Educación Infantil? Preguntas e interacciones en función del método = What scaffolds are offered to teach mathematics in children's education? Questions and interactions depending on the method

Two types of scaffolding (the questions and the type of interactions) are analyzed in three methods of teaching mathematics in Early Childhood Education: activity notebook (CA), manipulation and experimentation (ME) and work corners (RT). Based on a quantitative study with 9 teachers and 149 students from 3 to 6 years old, the following results have been obtained: in all three methods more closed questions are asked than open ones; b) monological, duological, exploratory contingency and conversational contingency interactions are observed in the three methods; c) in RT is where the open questions, the conversational contingency and duological interactions abound most. It is concluded that the method influences the type of aid and, consequently, the learning carried out by the students ​
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