Land Art Math: una actividad STEAM para fomentar la competencia matemática en Educación Infantil

The aim of this article is to show a STEAM activity in Early Childhood Education in which, through art, mathematical and scientific knowledge is used in order to promote, among others, mathematical competence. The activity, called Land Art Math, was carried out with 85 children aged 3 to 6 years and their respective teachers, and has contemplated 7 work phases: 1) selection of natural materials; 2) organization of materials, classifying them; 3) analysis of the characteristics of the materials: colors, shapes, sizes, weights, etc.; 4) interaction, negotiation and dialogue with the students to design the Land Art Math; 5) creation of the composition, generating dialogue so that they are fixed in the forms, positions, etc.; 6) representation on paper; and 7) final commonality, reinforcing the mathematical vocabulary ​
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