[Ressenya del] "VIII Coloquio de Geografía Rural" Jaca, de l’11 al 14 de juny de 1996

This is a short report on the contents and participants at the VIII Colloquium of Rural Geography of the Assotiation of Spanish Geographers (AGE) held at the the university residences at Jaca (Huesca) from 11th to 14th June 1996. The study topics chosen coincided with present trends and interests in the rural areas of Spain, now integrated in the European Union. The general theme was Resources and rural development and four sub-groups were formed under the following titles: "Rural development in mountainous areas"; "Water agriculture: Recent transformations, environmental and socioeconomic problems"; "Agroindustries and the marketing of agricultural products»; and «Rural development in Latin-America" ​
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