Cuestionario de estrategias utilizadas por los jóvenes para negociar el uso del preservativo

We analyze the factorial structure of an instrument to assess young people perception of the adequacy of thirteen strategies to negotiate the use of condoms. The sample consists of 260 undergraduate students (81.4% women, mean age = 21 years, sd = 2.8). Assessments were made with a scale from 0 (not adequate) to 10 (totally adequate). The results of the exploratory factor analysis show that the thirteen strategies are grouped into three factors: in a first factor are the strategies based on the protection provided by the condom (against infections, pregnancies, etc.), in a second factor those requesting more or less directly the use of condom (request its use, show a condom,etc.) and, finally, a third factor that includes strategies involving emotional-loaded arguments (blackmail, threatening with not having relationships, etc.) Keywords: condom use; negotiation strategies; youth ​
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