La construcción de un modelo pedagógico del empoderamiento juvenil: espacios, momentos y procesos = The construction of a pedagogical model of youth empowerment: spaces, moments and processes

The present paper is the result of a research project (EDU2013-42979-R) which investigated youth empowerment from different perspectives. The initial question was where, when and how youth empowerment takes place. The aim was to build an educational model that could serve as guidance for the organization and study of these spaces, moments and processes. The starting point was a previous extensive documentary analysis that formulated an initial conceptualization of youth empowerment. It was based on the review of 297 bibliographical references from the year 2000 onwards that addressed youth empowerment from a socio-educational perspective. The methodology consisted in the reflective analysis of the abovementioned documentary sources and the subsequent systematization of the data obtained, in order to build a reasoned and well-argued theoretical proposal. This paper provides its own definition of youth empowerment by focusing on previous studies carried out by the research team and on M. Nussbaum’s capabilities approach. A general pattern was constructed in the form of an pedagogical model intended to offer a benchmark to describe, explain and interpret youth empowerment, as well as to plan and guide interventions intended to optimize it. We conclude with some final reflections on some possible—but undesirable—ways to understand and exploit these empowerment processes ​
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