Patrón comportamental en adolescentes con riesgo a los trastornos del espectro esquizofrénico

The main aim of this study is to assess whether there are differences in schizotypal traits and behavioural patterns in normal adolescents at risk for schizophrenia spectrum disorders in comparison to normal controls. Attentional deficit (measured by means of the CPT-IP test) has been our criterion to identify at-risk subjects. Subjects composing the sample of the study (n=202) come from an original sample of 1. 498 normal junior students (mean age 13. 2). Results show that there are differences in the behavioral variables studied between at-risk subjects and controls. At-risk subjects displayed more anxious and depressive traits, social problems and attentional problems. Within attentional deficit subjects, sex differences have been also found. There were no differences in schizotypal traits between both groups ​
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