Sobrepeso y obesidad en preadolescentes mexicanos: estudio descriptivo, variables correlacionadas y directrices de prevención

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Overweight and obesity are serious public health problems. A descriptive and correlational study of variables associated with overweight and obesity of Mexican school preadolescents in Mexico DF was performed. General self-esteem [LAWSEQ, for its English acronym], body esteem [BES, for its English acronym], Attitudes towards food [ChEAT, for its English acronym] and body image [BIA, for its English acronym] were assessed and comparisons by gender and age were drawn. The sample was formed by 600 students, boys and girls aged between nine and twelve. A general low self-esteem and body esteem (lower in girls and in older participants) as well as a good attitude toward eating were found. Participants perceived themselves and believed they were seen as overweight and obese but ideally they wanted thinner figures in the future. Prevention programs are proposed to include health education, physical activity, genetic control, functional attitudes (geared toward generating good self-esteem and positive attitudes toward healthy eating), as well as involvement of the family and social environment ​
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