Enfoque Plurilingüe integrador: una experiencia educativa interdisciplinar en el tratamiento integrado de lenguas en la ESO

One of the main worries of our education system nowadays is how to reach a meaningful learning of languages in schools. The main aim of the investigation presented here was to analyze the perceptions of both students and teachers in a secondary school, where a Integrative Plurilingual Approach was applied. A participative action research was carried out in Vilafant High School. All school linguistic departments worked collaboratively to teach languages synchronically. Questionnaires and interviews were used among other data gathering instruments. The data collected showed that with a global, transversal and interdisciplinary approach which includes mother tongue learning, second language learning and foreign language learning, students feel more confident as they can use previous linguistic resources, knowledge and experiences to learn. Therefore, students are more motivated to acquire the plurilingual and multicultural competences; two outstanding generic competence decisive for the future of our adolescents ​
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