Participación Infantil en la Transformación de sus Espacios de Aprendizaje: Democratizando la Creación mediante un Proyecto de Fabricación Digital en un Fablab = Child Participation in the Transformation of their Learning Spaces: Democratizing Creation through a Digital Fabrication Project in a Fablab = Participação Infantil na Transformação de Espacios de Aprendizagem: Democratizando a Criação através de um Projeto de Fabricação Digital em um Fablab

This paper introduces a participatory project included in the classroom programming of two groups of primary education in a school situated in Madrid. The main interest is to situate and mark certain methodological particularities of this case study, a transdisciplinary action research project that has involved the educational community of the school, researchers and professionals of a cultural institution with international prestige, with the aim of promoting the interest and relevance of practice-based educational research that can help to intervene and innovate in educational change processes, while generating scientific knowledge, giving importance to the local context and the differences of each community ​
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