La percepción del colectivo médico sobre la gestión del proceso de desvinculación = The medical community’s perceptions of management of the layoff process = A percepção da comunidade médica sobre a gestão do processo de desvinculação

The definition and process of layoff are evolving rapidly. This study focuses on the perceptions of physicians in Catalonia, Spain, concerning layoff and the identification of strategies and proposals that allow more satisfactory adjustment to the process. A qualitative approach was used with 16 in-depth interviews with key persons in the healthcare setting (phase 1) and 6 focus groups with 72 persons, according to sampling criteria (phase 2). The analysis was interpretative, based on Grounded Theory. Comparison and triangulation of the results generated by the different techniques and researchers revealed the social representation of the current healthcare organization (immersed in a new public management model) on the medical community and the layoff process. In this sense, retirement is seen as a personal issue, separate from human resources policies, which are more interested in staff turnover at a lower “cost”. Given this situation, the article proposes alternatives that value physicians’ experience and expertise before they leave the healthcare organization ​
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