Apoyando la participación real de las personas con discapacidad intelectual: una experiencia de investigación inclusiva sobre vida independiente = Supporting the real participation of people with intellectual disability: an inclusive research experience about independent living

In our context, few studies have been developed jointly between academic researchers and researchers with intellectual disabilities. The aim of this article is to describe a qualitative research experience about independent living and intellectual disabilities conducted by the authors (academic researchers), in collaboration with an Advisory Committee composed of people with intellectual disabilities. Aside from exposing the development and the results of the investigation, this article aims at narrating the collaboration process between the advisors and the university researchers along the different research phases. The support strategies offered to the advisors are also detailed, as well as some considerations about the main challenges faced along inclusive researches. This paper intends to contribute to the advancement of inclusive research, capable of ensuring that people with disabilities have a real role in the study of the problems that affect them ​
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