La aproximación de los fondos de conocimiento e identidad: la conexión del currículum y la práctica escolar con los contextos y formas de vida de los aprendices

The main purpose of this article is to describe some theoretical, methodological and applied consequences of the approximation known as funds of knowledge and identity in relation to the debate taking place in this special monographic, that is, the relationships between formal education, learning and identity construction. This paper is divided into three sections. First, the funds of knowledge and identity approach (FoK&I) is introduced. Second, questions underlie this monograph (theoretical contributions, methodological and practical) are addressed from the work carried out on the approximation of the FdCeI. Finally, it is argued that students’ identities can be considered a powerful tool to connect their learning experiences and contexts of activity in and out of school. We think that the educational continuities among contexts can strengthen the teaching and learning processes both in formal and informal settings ​
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