Representaciones del programa eduCAT 1x1 en la prensa impresa catalana (2009-2012) = Program eduCAT 1x1 representations in the Catalan print media (2009- 2012)

This work analyses the content of 291 newspaper articles about the eduCAT 1x1 institutional program (one laptop per child) proceeding of 10 newspapers and published during 2009 and 2012. The first goal is to detect the positive, negative and neutral ideas contained in the papers. The second goal is to check if these ideas are significantly related with some variables, such as the type of article, the newspaper, its place of edition, its publishing language, and its distribution. Results obtained reveals that there are more negative ideas than positive or neutral, and only the type of article has a significant effect on the ideas spread by the author, but not the newspaper of origin, nor the language that are written, nor the type of distribution ​
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