Integración de robótica educativa de bajo coste en el ámbito de la educación secundaria para fomentar el aprendizaje por proyectos = Low cost educational robotics integration at high school scope to promote project-based learning

To improve traditional system of education/learning it is necessary to introduce in classroom participative and collaborative dynamics and activities, that let the interaction of students on specific projects or activities where the educators change their traditional role by counselor one, while the students have to take a more active role learning though their own effort with specific and concrete goal, with a product as result. This is what promotes project-based learning, and as specific example, the use of Educational Robotics in classroom as interdisciplinary and transversal tool for learning sciences, technology, programming and languages. With the advantages of commercial educational robotic, but a price ten times lower, born EDUROVs project, based on built of underwater robots by secondary school students made from low cost materials using open source software and hardware ​
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