Mejora del comportamiento táctico ofensivo del deporte: situaciones de colaboración y progresión empleando una enseñanza comprensiva = Improvement of tactical offensive behavior in collaborative situations and progression using a comprehensive teaching sp

The aim of this work is to determine whether teaching as imparting a fundamental methodological aspects of teaching sport comprehensive improvement is tactical offensive behavior in students from 6th grade. The work is done with 32 students in 6th primary education Espriu Vidreres School of Girona, belonging to two different groups although the activities undertaken during the process are the same. Declarative knowledge is observed by an open-ended questionnaire that presents specific tactical situations with photographs. Procedural knowledge observed by recording and viewing video and data recording table concerning various aspects tactical offensive. The instruments used are standardized table GPAI of (Oslin, 2005), for decision-making and other table-made and validated by a pilot for guidance. The results show that students with more practical skills improve declarative knowledge, while students with less practical skills improved procedural knowledge ​
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