Dictados matemáticos: una herramienta para trabajar la competencia oral y escrita en el aula de matemáticas de Educación Infantil

Mathematics teaching has progressively incorporated teaching tools to foster effective learning. In some cases, the impact of the use of these tools has been clearly determined and studied, but there are still different didactic aspects to be analyzed, such as dictations. In this work, therefore, we focus on exploring the possibilities of dictation for the teaching-learning of mathematics in the classroom of Early Childhood Educations and the mistakes made by children. Using a quantitative methodology, the results derived from a study of 47 boys and girls from the 2nd year of Early Childhood Education lead us to conclude that: a) mathematical dictations form an effective teaching practice for working oral and mathematical competence, favoring symbolic representation; b) the most common type of error is mainly due to difficulties in distinguishing relative shapes and sizes ​
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