La problemàtica de l’habitatge de la immigració andalusa a Olot durant el franquisme (1940-1975)

Casademont Falguera, Xavier
orcId Feu, Jordi
Feu, Jordi
This article analyzes the housing problems faced by Andalusian immigrants who settled in the town of Olot, Girona, during the Franco regime. While the figures for Andalusian immigrants in Olot were not as high as for the entire metropolitan area of Barcelona, Andalusians represented more than 10% of Olot’s population in 1975, making them the largest immigrant group in the city. As for housing, this research brings to light the difficulties that befell many Andalusian immigrants, especially those who initiated their chain of migration during the war. While the urban and demographic situation of Olot differed from other urban areas, local authorities under Franco were not concerned with the residential needs of Andalusian immigrants. As a result, the immigrants had to resort to different survival strategies—from shantytowns to building their own homes—given the chronic deficit in available housing, which was unable to keep up with the growth in population ​
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