La Incorporación de los Fondos de Identidad en un Centro Abierto: el Proyecto FICAB

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The aim of the present paper is to illustrate the “Funds of Identity in an Open Center of `Ciudad Meridiana´, Barcelona” project (FIOCB). The general aim of the project was to develop a positive discourse on the sense of education. Six participants aged between 15 and 18 years attended the programme developed by a researcher-psychologist and a social educator. The project was developed through 9 sessions in which the sense of education was described and discussed. Several qualitative techniques such as identity song or learning spiral was used in order to detect and use the students’ funds of identity. The results show how the students have undergone a process of identity transformation as a result of their participation in this project. It is concluded that the educational continuities can improve the sense of school institution. The experience represents an innovation in the funds of knowledge literature because it applies this theoretical approach, and its contemporary advances (the concept of funds of identity), to a non-formal educational context such as Open Centers in Catalonia for the first time ​
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