Una propuesta evaluativa para actividades de educación ambiental para la sostenibilidad = An Evaluation Framework for Environmental Education Through Sustainability Activities

We present an evaluation proposal for non-formal environmental education through sustainability activities and an evaluation carried out in a programme in the public administration sector. The goal of the evaluation is to diagnose the presence, in the activities studied, of environmental education for sustainability principles previously identified by research using international references. The methodology is based on evaluation research with quantitative tools for programmes within the critical paradigm of educational research. It uses an expressly designed questionnaire to evaluate the presence or absence of environmental education for sustainability principles. The results provide new information about the strengths and weaknesses of developing non-formal environmental education activities. A quantified assessment divides the principles into three groups according to their need for improvement. The principles dealt with best in the activities are related to the most classic subject contents and are treated with good and varying didactic methods. The weaknesses detected refer to crucial aspects of environmental education such as experiencing new sensations, learning to search for information, critical thinking, feeling like you belong to a place, working in collaboration, acquiring a global perspective of reality and reflecting on daily life and on expectations for the future ​
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