L'assentament de la immigració andalusa a Olot durant el franquisme. Trajectòries i mobilitat social de la immigració andalusa i els seus descendents

The process of settlement of Andalusian immigrants in Catalonia during the Franco’s regime was one of the most intense in the long Catalan tradition of receiving immigration. While the majority of Andalusian immigrants settled in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, other Catalan towns and municipalities were also attractive. This thesis studies the case of Olot (Girona) and basically addresses two major issues: First, it analyses and examines the characteristics of migration between Andalusia and Olot, quantifying and establishing the profile of Andalusian immigrants, as well as factors of expulsion and attraction, and process of integration in Olot. Meanwhile, the other major part of the thesis examines the paths and processes of social mobility among Andalusian immigrants, as well as their children and grandchildren. Specifically, we analyse these paths in areas such as employment, educational level, socioeconomic status and identity, among others. ​
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