Mujeres inmigradas que padecen violencia en la pareja y sistema sociojurídico: encuentros = Immigrated Women that Suffer Gender Violence from their Couples and the Sociojudicial System: Meetings and Misunderstandingsy desencuentros

The following research aims to underline some psychosocial effects of the socio-juridical practice (psychosocial and legal practices that develop in the bosom of institutions with the application in Spanish territory of a comprehensive law in 2004 (LO/2004)) with a special focus on the situation of immigrated women. The genre and cultural studies perspective has been used for the analysis and comprehension of information. Qualitative methodology has been used by collecting information through participant observation (police victim-support units, police stations and gender-violence courtrooms), and in-depth interviews with the sociojudicial agents and women. The results point to the existence of protective factors, victimizing factors and the consideration of some proposals ​
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