Identidad, sentimientos y lengua: ¿nos definimos por lo que sentimos o por lo que hablamos?

This paper aims to bring the social dimension into the analysis of the relationship between feelings and language, in order to try to see if the context of social meanings offers us useful guidelines to begin to understand the importance of this relationship and consider its implications. We would transcend the meaning of concepts of language and feelings to begin bridging contact between the two, and we suggest that this bridge might be constructed with social foundations, taking into account the need of the 'others', its existence to ensure our existence, the need to share meanings in the world around us and the need to develop tools that allow us to develop cultural practices and identification. This exposition will attempt not only to focus on the concepts of language and feelings but also we, although we believe necessary to strengthen the contact bridge, introduce the concepts of social identity, social categorization and power relations ​
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