ProstateAnalyzer: web-based medical application for the management of prostate cancer using multiparametric MR imaging

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Objectives: In this paper, we present ProstateAnalyzer, a new web-based medical tool for prostate cancer diagnosis. ProstateAnalyzer allows the visualization and analysis of magnetic resonance images (MRI) in a single framework. Methods: ProstateAnalyzer recovers the data from a PACS server and displays all the associated MRI images in the same framework, usually consisting of 3D T2-weighted imaging for anatomy, dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI for perfusion, diffusion-weighted imaging in the form of an apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) map and MR Spectroscopy. ProstateAnalyzer allows annotating regions of interest in a sequence and propagates them to the others. Results: From a representative case, the results using the four visualization platforms are fully detailed, showing the interaction among them. The tool has been implemented as a Java-based applet application to facilitate the portability of the tool to the different computer architectures and software and allowing the possibility to work remotely via the web. Conclusion: ProstateAnalyzer enables experts to manage prostate cancer patient data set more efficiently. The tool allows delineating annotations by experts and displays all the required information for use in diagnosis. According to the current European Society of Urogenital Radiology guidelines, it also includes the PI-RADS structured reporting scheme ​
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