Deficiencias en el seguimiento del abandono escolar y trayectorias de continuidad del alumnado de origen inmigrado = Deficits in the follow-up of the school dropout and continuity paths of immigrant students

The objective of the present article is to expose and counteract the lack of attention that the institutional apparatus is paying to the dynamics of incorporation, continuity, absenteeism and dropout of the immigrant students in the compulsory secondary education as well as after completion. The deficits of the available information contrast with the data obtained through an investigation conducted in Catalonia, that shows to what extent these situations remain hidden due to the lack of accuracy of the available data, and it also shows how this lack of information prevents us from reflecting on such problems and from taking measures to solve them. The investigation required the analysis of the statistical data facilitated by the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and the analysis of the data obtained in 18 centres of secondary education of some municipalities. The selection of the centres was made in order to obtain a sample which included centres of diverse typology (regarding dimensions, location, students’ social profile, educational options, among others). All the centres had a significant percentage of immigrant students. To access the information about the work guidelines of the centres, the research team interviewed the directors of the centres and/or the pedagogical coordinators. Once the information obtained through the investigation and the deficits of the available information were presented, the authors conclude that such deficits cause an uneven knowledge of the realities in the students lives (which affect especially the immigrant students) and they prevents the recognition of some problems and the possibility to take part in them. In this way, they propose that overcoming such deficits should not be stated simply as a technical improvement of the institutional apparatus, but as a fundamental requirement to guarantee the equity of our educative system ​
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