Antropologia i filosofia moral. Embolics i perills en l'ús de conceptes propis de l'antropologia per part d'experts en filosofia moral

This paper is a response to Joan Canimas’s paper «Ètica i cultura. Embolics i perills dels conceptes cultura i relativisme cultural en l’àmbit de l’acció social, psicoeducativa i sociosanitària» published in this issue of the Revista de Pedagogia i Treball Social. The paper refutes Canimas’s arguments against the concept of culture (which he considers totalizing and reifying and not adjusted to the reality of modern societies) and also argues that anthropology, far from making uncritical use of this concept, has systematically reviewed it and considers it useful to analyze people’s life in society. However, the anthropological use and definition of cultural concepts is far removed from the definitions that identify it with a relatively static reality that is internally consistent and uniformly shared by all members of a group. In contrast to these definitions, the paper suggests others that have proven to be most useful for the analysis of social realities. Finally, it explains why today most anthropologists working in the field of educational and social intervention are critical of cultural relativism. ​
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