El deporte como instrumento de desarrollo de la capacidad crítica de los adolescentes. Experiencias realizadas en cuatro centros de secundaria = Sport as a tool in the development of critical capacity of teenagers. Experiments carried out in four centres of Secondary education

Prat Grau, Maria
Soler Prat, Susanna
Tirado Ramos, Miquel Àngel
Oró i Casanovas, Carme
Ventura, Carles
Juncà Pujols, Albert
Puig Lleixà, Berta
In the article we resume four experiments of an interdisciplinary nature carried out in four different secondary education centres. The nexus of the union of these didactic proposals is that of looking at values in sport and the critical capacity of the students from distinct perspectives: violence, mass media, politics and gender and the treatment of body in our society ​
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