Ensenyar a puntuar a l’ESO: suggeriments des de la pràctica = Teaching to punctuate in Compulsory Secondary Education: suggestions from practice

Sanz i Pinyol, Glòria
This article reflects on the difficulties that students have in Compulsory Secondary Education (12-16) in the correct use of punctuation marks and offers proposals for designing and choosing activities that allow the learning of correct use. Students in Compulsory secondary education as much in the first as in the second cycle have researched information about the use of each mark. They know the function but they are weak in practice and this is especially demonstrated in the absence and abuse of some signs and in their irregular use. This article presents a brief typology of spoken activities, observation of written work, transcriptions of oral texts, writing and manipulation of texts and gives examples with the aim of offering practical ideas for Secondary education teachers ​
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