Bienestar subjetivo y trabajo en jóvenes universitarios: estudio comparativo entre Chile y España = Subjective well-being and working in college students: A comparative study between Chile and Spain

College students compose a group exposed to diverse psychosocial stress factors in their adaptation to the new physical and social environments they confront. This situation is more complex for those that are working and studying. This research explores the status and characteristics of the subjective well-being of 1,456 university students in Chile and Spain, as measured by the scale of Overall Life Satisfaction (OLS) and the Personal Well-being Index (PWI). It also explores the relationship between levels of overall life satisfaction and the fact of working, or not. For this purpose, PWI reliability coefficients were determined, checked for statistical adjustment using confirmatory factor analysis, and structural equation models were built. The results indicate no significant differences in subjective well-being among college students who work and those who do not, in either of the two countries ​
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