La globalización del cuidado y sus cadenas: un estudio de caso = The Globalization of care and its chains: a case study

In this text we analyzed an externalization of a chain of care and its conversion into a service from Catalonia to the Philippines. We identified the shifts of gender position for the women implied: from the Catalan employers to the Philippine domestic workers. We also indicated the ambiguous and diffuse limits that installed between care and service relations under mercantile relations. The field research was performed both in Catalonia as well as in the Philippines. We used biographical interviews, interviews aimed at expert personnel, documentary and statistical analysis. For the object of this paper we leaned mainly on the interviews conducted with Philippine domestic workers, Catalan employers of domestic workers, and to expert personnel on migration, gender and domestic work of Catalonia and the Philippines. The techniques of analysis used were content analysis and discourse analysis ​
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